Its been a while since my last CD review; with the new year I want to get back into the habit of posting here!

ORIGIN@L PIECES 09 is the final edition to the ORIGIN@L PIECES solo collection, featuring Makio, Pierre, Hayato, Rui, and Yusuke.

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To say I’ve been neglecting anime over the last few years would not necessarily be true. I follow anime news, I see screencaps of it everyday, however, I spend fairly little time actually watching it. Some seasons I watch nothing, some I watch a few but failed to follow for longer than two episodes. No matter how much I enjoyed those two episodes I never manage to continue further than that. The amount of TV anime I’ve completed in the last two years can be counted on two hands. Part of it to blame is real life being busy, the other part was depression killing the joy out of previous things I enjoyed.

Enter Yuri!!! on Ice. From the very first PV I was entranced; if there was one anime I was going to watch it had to be this – little did I know how strongly it would affect me. There has been a handful of anime that has touched me over the years, but I cannot think of a single one to bring me this much joy. It wasn’t just 24 minutes of happiness; it stirred something much deeper within me, something that changed my entire mentality. It’s cliché, but it changed my life.

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Announced on the first day of SideM’s 2nd Live, the new app “Live on St@ge” would see the idols standing on a stage. The hype was real; with the other im@s branches having shown what their new games were capable of, there were high hopes SideM would follow. I bought a new phone just to play it. Its been a few months since it was released and I’ve had time to digest my thoughts on the new game.

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