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I somehow got caught up playing Saibai Shounen (栽培少年), a game about, well, growing guys. They’re mandrakes, to be specific, but yeah, you’re planting and growing guys! I found out about the game through Kinako, an illustrator who worked on series such as on Gatchaman Crowds and Touken Ranbu, who was drawing new characters for the game.

I wasn’t able to find any information in English so here’s a basic guide:

Getting the app (Android):

The app is region locked but there are a few ways to get it – I personally used QooApp, which is an app that takes the APK of many region locked games from Japan, China, Korea etc, and allows you to install them easily. Just search “mandrake boy” in QooApp and you can either download it in Japanese or Korean.

Another alternative is to google for an APK downloader and get it that way, pasting in the Play Store URL:
If you don’t know how to install APK paks there’s a bunch of guides online. I use Airdroid to transfer and install of APK from my computer to device – it allows me to wirelessly transfer files from the computer to device, without any cables.


Edit: As of the latest version 1.9.1, the Friends tab has been moved to the menu and been replaced with the Shop tab.


The gameplay is fairly simple; it’s one of those games that rely on the passing of time rather than strategy. You grow mandrakes in your garden, when you grow a certain amount of a mandrake there’s a chance you’ll grow a special one. Each of these mandrakes have their own personalities and stories you can unlock, as well as gorgeous illustrations.There’s over a 100 mandrakes currently in the Japanese version.

The menu bar at the bottom is as follows: 花園 – Flower garden, 合成 – Synthesis, 散歩 – Stroll, タウン – Town, ショップ – Shop, メニュー – Menu. The top menu bar is kinda self explanatory, but it’s the types of mandrakes you’ve collected, illustrations collected, coins, stars.

花園 – Flower garden

saibaimandrake You get three planters to start off with, a fourth planter can be unlocked with 500 stars. Planters with the shovel icon means they’re ready to be harvested. You get coins for each mandrake harvested; the rarer the mandrake, the more coins it’s worth.

When a black seed icon appears that means you’ll have to plant a new seed; if you have seeds that are still growing, don’t worry, they won’t be replaced. You can choose from the free seed (normal random) that’s the top left, pink seed, or choose specific seeds that costs coins or stars. When you tap a seed you can see which mandrakes you’ve acquired and any missing spaces. It also notes how long a seed lasts and how long mandrakes can take. Using the right pic as an example, the seed lasts 10 minutes (10分), while the mandrakes can take between 10 seconds to 6 hours to grow (10秒~6時間). Once you’ve planted one, tap the planter to see how long a seed’s effect will last.

There’s an option to use a watering can on the seeds to make them fully grown and harvest ready. You can gain more watering cans by login bonuses or by gifting with friends.

The sprinkler on the top left is able to be activated every 4 hours. It reduces the growth time of all your seeds by 5 minutes. Activate it after you’ve harvested and planted new seeds. To manually activate the sprinkler you can pay 40 stars by pressing 今すぐ補充. Upgrade the sprinkler so it activates quicker and has stronger effect by clicking アップグレード.

Ladybirds appear now and then and you need to tap them to keep them away from your garden – you’ll be rewarded with coins or the occasional star.

合成 – Synthesis

Unlocked after you obtain 4 different illustrations, here you can create special mandrakes.sabaimixer On the left, you can spin the normal gacha every 8 hours for free or pay 2000 coins for a spin, this rolls out 1-3 normal nutrient supplements you use to grow special mandrakes. On the right, is the rare gacha which needs 200 stars for a single roll. You can get 1-2 rare nutrient supplements or a mix seed.

If you click on the pouch on the top left it opens a menu showing how many materials you own. To the side of each ingredient is two buttons; 材料ミックス – material mix, which allows you to mix materials to obtain something else, and 材料売却 – material disposal, which allows you to sell materials for coins. The material mix for the normal nutrient supplement has a 50% chance to dispense a rare normal supplement, while the rare nutrient supplement mixer has a 100% rate of giving a mix seed.

散歩 – Stroll

Basically your mandrake and another player’s mandrake go on a date! Often when you grow a new type of mandrake, the map will be updated with a red alert. If a location has an alert, you can go on a date stroll to unlock a new story and sometimes illustrations. Going on strolls costs coins but you get stars in return. saibaistory

The black text is the title of the story, the red text is which mandrake is taking a stroll, the blue text is what the rewards will be; ストーリー – story, イラスト – illustration, and スター – the amount of stars. The timer denotes how long it will take – in this case 7 hours. Next to that is how many mandrakes can accompany you on your stroll. The rarer the mandrake/story, the longer the dates strolls – you can reduce time by choosing to stroll with another player’s mandrake. Lastly is the amount of coins required.

Once you set a mandrake on a stroll you’ll see him walking along side your friend’s mandrakes you chose earlier. There will be two buttons on the bottom: お散歩中止 – abort walk, and 今すぐ完了 – complete now, which brings up an option to use stars to complete the stroll immediately. Otherwise, once the time limit is up you can read the story!

A new feature on the scroll page is “みんなの宝島” – Everyone’s Treasure Island. It’s the floating island with blue arrow.
What this is is a daily chance to get treasure such as coins, watering cans, stars, synthesis items. Every day, a different set of mandrakes can hunt for treasure. The requirement is that you’ve obtain said mandrake. The mandrake you have set as your main also has a daily go at hunting for treasure. Each mandrake has a number of steps it can take; the higher the rarity the more steps, best to set your main as a high step-rate mandrake.

タウン – Town

A place where you can view the mandrakes, stories, and illustrations you’ve collected. saibaitown

The bottom half of the screen is where a bunch of your mandrakes wander in tiny pixel form. If you tap them they play a little sound and animation – they’re quite cute so you should tap them at least once. As you collect more mandrakes from different groups, more buildings will be built, and as you collect more of a group the buildings will gain another storey. These buildings are basically homes for the different groupings of mandrakes. You can tap them to see the stories and illustrations of each group. saibaispecial

The special mandrakes you’ve created are not found (with the exception of some) in the town but in their own special area called Mix Town.

フレンド – Friends

Friends page. Edit your profile, send friend requests and gifts etc. saibaifriends

You can edit your profile by clicking the pencil button. There you can change your name (costs 100 stars), icon, illustration, and comment. This profile is all public to view. Your main icon is also the mandrake your friends can take a stroll with. Your main illustration will greet you on app start up.

メニュー – Menu

Menu has a bunch of stuff that may vary in usefulness.

Top row: Notices – events that are happening right now etc / Mail /  Help.
Middle row: Friends / Community forum (takes to a web page) / Code input.
Bottom row: Settings / Account registration – Facebook or a general account possible if you change devices etc / Missions


The latest version of Saibai Shounen brings Missions! Goals to aim for in the game. You can view the mission list on Menu > Missions, the very last button.

Completing missions will net you some stars – you must access the Missions page to collect these, they won’t be automatically sent to you.

Here are examples of the first bunch of missions:

  1. Aruna Panic! – Grow 10000 アルナ
  2. I love cats! – Grow 300 マネ丸, 20 チックピー
  3. Bamboo x Bamboo x Bamboo – Grow 300 タケミチ, 500 竹那, 500 クロタケ
  4. We are younger brothers – Grow 10000 ヨシュア, 300 シプソ
  5. We are older brothers – Grow 50 ヨシック, 2500 ギプソ

Unlocking stories and illustrations

If you go through the Stroll tab’s story list you’ll likely see a lot of locked stories you can’t access. Most of these have the condition of “have x mandrake,” “unlock an earlier story.” Mandrakes can be categorized into three types: normal, special, and mix.

Normal mandrakes are your common mandrakes.
Special mandrakes have the chance of appearing when you ‘master’ a normal mandrake. Basically you need to grow a specific amount of the normal mandrake and there’s a chance a special one will appear. You can check how many mandrakes you need to grow of a species by tapping on their profile (if it’s of a seed currently growing: Garden>Planter, or go to Town>Mandrakes). You can tell these mandrakes are special by the golden colour of the leaves.
Mix mandrakes are ones created through Synthesis.

When you click on a locked story, you’ll be shown the requirements: “お散歩に必要なマンドレイク[mandrake]” means you’re missing the required mandrake.
You can tell which type of mandrake is needed by the word at the end of the bracket: ノーマル – normal, スペシャル – special, ミックス – mix.

In the title of each story is [グループ#] which shows which group the mandrake belongs to. If you go into the Town tab you’ll see each building has a group assigned to it and you can check which mandrake is needed.
If you get “ストーリーは順番に解されます。名グループのストーリーは図鑑で確認をして下さい。” that means you’ll have to unlock an earlier story.

A couple of my favourite illustrations that I’ve unlocked (yes, there are lewd illustrations amongst this cute looking game).


There’s two types of events:

1) A new seed gets introduced and there’s a “chance up” period of it appearing in Rare Random seeds.

2) A special Event seed will be available for a certain period of time. Obtain the new story and illustrations in time.


  • Seeds lose effect after a certain amount of time. The Normal Random and Rare Random seeds runs out after 10 minutes.
  • Don’t use stars on the seeds that cost 100-400 stars. You’ll likely end up getting them in the Normal Random seed eventually.
  • You can send gifts (watering cans) every day. Add a bunch of people who will gift back to you.
  • Use these watering cans on seeds you’ve bought with stars, or seeds you like, since seeds lose effect after some time and you’ll have to repurchase them. I suggest buying seeds that cost stars only after you’ve gathered a lot of watering cans to get the most out of it.
  • Login bonuses include watering cans and stars.
  • Tweeting about new mandrakes you’ve acquired gives stars. You don’t actually need to send the tweet (press back on your Twitter app to discard) if you’re worried about spamming, or you can direct a tweet at the null account, @sai_bai_ so it doesn’t appear on others’ timeline.
  1. アユ said:

    Uwaaaa!! Never heard of this game!! Will try this out *___* Thankyou for posting about this!!

  2. 明 said:

    I nice and simple guide! Just started to play yesterday and I’ve been enjoying the game so far 😀
    I’m wondering on how to unlock illustrations though… I do hope you’ll answer this question of mine~

    • 明 said:

      Hmm… I think I figured out how to unlock the illustrations. Sorry for the bother! >~<
      — — —
      The game is pretty addictive xD

      • unspark said:

        Oh, that’s good ^^
        I’ll update the guide with more detail on how to unlock things now that you mentioned it

  3. Kuro said:

    Hello, sorry to be a bother but I was just wondering how you actually create mix mandrakes..

    I’ve gotten a mix seed, and the two coloured elixirs. But have no idea how to use them to create mixes x_x

    Oh and thanks for the guide ^^

    • unspark said:

      On the Synthesis page there should be a list of mandrakes that you can mix on the bottom, tap them to see what materials are need for them and there should be a button to create them.
      To unlock more mix mandrakes you’ll have to unlock Special mandrakes (though not all mandrakes have a mix form).

  4. Purincha said:

    Oh gosh thank you for this guide *_* ♥ its super helpful!!
    (Although, I’m wondering but, there is any way to get a transfer code from this game ):? I don’t want to lose my mandrake children when I change phones lol)

    • unspark said:

      Hi, what you can do is register an account – you can either connect it to Facebook or just make a new account. On the menu screen, the bottom center option should be it. If you need any help beyond that then let me know!

      • Purincha said:

        Okay, I managed to connect my Facebook account! Now my mandrake babies are safe òvó thank you for helping me out!

  5. tangorine said:

    hello there! i had a question… for event mandrakes, how to you use their CG on your profile? i can’t figure out how to get them there, even if i own the CG.

    • unspark said:

      On the Friends page, click on the pencil icon and then on your current CG – that should bring up a list of CGs. You might need to scroll a bit for the event ones.

      • tangorine said:

        the normal ones are there, but i can’t see any event ones. i definitely have some though, since i can look at them when i go to look at my mandrakes.

      • unspark said:

        They should be at the bottom of the list, scroll all the way down

      • unspark said:

        er, I have no idea then, sorry. You should probably contact support if you can.

  6. Hi there, I just found this game recently and due to slow connection i wasn’t able to complete the loading for a few days.
    What i want to ask is that will the loading continue if the connection was lost and connect seconds later?

    • unspark said:

      I haven’t experienced any like that so I don’t have an answer for you, sorry.

  7. Annnnon said:

    Lmao I found this game a few months ago and downloaded cuz it looked cute. I was wondering what how to play it so thank you for this :,) (I was surviving on very bad playing ahaha)

  8. periapt said:

    Hi. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a guide for this game!

    As this post is quite old, I don’t know if you still play this game anymore? I know your Twitter is active, but it seems kinda rude to just PM you out of nowhere? ;_; I do have a question for you!

    I’ll just go ahead and ask. If you don’t play the game anymore and don’t want to answer, that’s perfectly fine!

    But I was wondering about the various seeds in-game that we can buy–is it worth it to save up the premium currency to buy it or would you recommend just buying the free/coin seeds? I was wondering if I should buy more mandrake pots or buy seeds instead.

    Thanks for your time! 🙂

    • periapt said:

      Hello again! I commented earlier and asked you a question about the seeds–but after a second re-read, I saw your tips section. That pretty much answers my questions. x.x I’m sorry about the double commenting. I should’ve checked earlier. Now I just feel kinda stupid. ;_;

      Anywho, sorry for the trouble! Take care!

      • unspark said:

        Glad you found your answer! I still play the game so if you have any other questions then you’re free to ask!

  9. periapt said:

    Hi again, unspark! I do have some questions for you now. Thank you so much for your quick replies previously and thank you for your time, once again! ❤

    #1: Does your main icon determine how many minutes are shaved off your stroll time? If that's the case, then is using a 4 star the best one? Or an event mandrake? Or is it determined by how many mandrakes you've uncovered/how many illustrations you have?

    #2: Do the stroll stories have prerequisites before you can gain access to the ones that give you illustrations? If so, then it's pointless to do the non-illustration ones…?

    #3: What do the mix mandrakes do? Are they added to the list of mandrakes we can grow or are they just there for completion purposes?

    And if there's anyone out there wondering if there are differences between the Japanese/Korean versions, here are some things I've noticed when playing both. Granted, I only played the Korean version for a few days–less than a week, so I may be very wrong. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    – In the Japanese version, you gain 3 stars every time you discover a new mandrake.
    – In the Korean version, you gain 500 coin/gold.

    – The Japanese version also seems to have back-to-back events? The previous event actually gave me like 500 stars or something–or maybe it was a newbie event. No idea. In any case, I didn't see any event in the Korean game (but like I said, maybe they don't have back-to-back events? Didn't stay long enough to find out.)

    – In the JP version, you start out with like 1000 stars and 55k gold/coin. Something like that.
    – In the Korean version, you start with a lot less.

    – In the Korean version, you can "sample" the different backgrounds and flowerpot shelves, as well as click on your friend's illustrations/avatars in order to see where they got that avatar/illustration. Very convenient. Pretty sure you can't do this in the JP version. 😦

    – The Korean version has full voice acting while the JP version only has partial voice acting (it seems this way to me…?).

    – The Korean version also seems to have a different mix menu, but I…don't remember anything specifically. ^_^;;

    There's also an English app called Mandrake Girls out. It's very different from the JP/Korean version, but playing that one helped me better understand how the game works in general since I don't understand Japanese and Korean.

    That's all. Sorry for the long comment. D:

    • unspark said:

      #1 Yep, it’s your main mandrake that determines how much is shaved off the stroll, so it’s better to set a rarer mandrake.

      #2 All stories have some prerequisites; I covered it briefly in the guide but it’s mostly just unlocking mandrakes/stories. You must do the ones without illustrations to unlock the ones with. It’s basically a linear story so you have to do the former to do the latter.

      #3 Mix mandrakes are just special mandrakes of ones you’ve unlocked already. You can’t grow them in the normal pots. They can unlock new stories and live in the ‘Mix Town’.

      I never played the Korean version because, well, I don’t know Korean. The game’s from a Korean company so I assume the Korean version is older and therefore has more features. I do know that there’s some mandrakes and collabs exclusive for the different versions.
      Pretty interesting to hear the Korean version has full voice acting; you’re right that the Japanese is only partially voiced.

  10. periapt said:

    #1: That kinda makes me sad. I like some of the lower star mandrakes. 😦

    #2: Thank you for the clarification. ❤

    I'm kinda curious about the exclusive mandrakes. 😮

    In any case, thanks so much for the quick response! \o/

  11. I can’t find the JPN ver in Qooapp
    Is any change that the JPN ver have been remove from Qooapp ?

    • unspark said:

      Hm, weird. There hasn’t been any major changes as far as I’m aware so I don’t know why they removed it.

      I suggest trying to grab it off the Play store by making a Japanese gmail.

    • periapt said:

      I… commented earlier. I don’t think it got through? Was it ’cause it had a link in it…? Maybe the spam filter caught it? ;_; If not, I’m so sorry for commenting twice! It…seems to be a pattern. Sorry. :/

      Anywho! apkpure! Google search it and, in apkpure’s search box, enter in the url of Saibai Syounen that unspark provides above (the Google Play link of the game). It should then take you to a download page for the game! Hope my directions were clear… Happy gaming 🙂

  12. periapt said:

    Hello, unspark! I would very much appreciate your help again.

    I’ve a question about the synthesis system. They recently-ish updated it, so it has more supplements you can get. So far, I understand that it’s a tier system–you need x number of the first one in order to get the second supplement. But I’m having trouble getting the last supplement, the red one.

    I was wondering if the green and red supplements were “separate” from the top three somehow? Or do you just need a LOT of the above supplements in order to progress to the next one? @.@

    • unspark said:

      Yep, the new supplements are separate from the previous three.

      The green vial (神秘の液体) I’ve managed to get through the treasure island, but they’re pretty rare. If you have 15 of those you can mix them to create the red supplement (スペシャル栄養剤).

      • periapt said:

        Aw… I was really hoping it *wasn’t* separate. T_T And yeah, the green ones are rare… I suppose it makes sense, since the mandrakes you can get with the red one reduce stroll time by quite a bit.

        Thanks so much for your help! ❤ Stay warm and happy holidays!

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