Namahousou Recordings Archive

Namahousous include SideM, Yume100, Yumecast, and more.

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Hosted by Nakamura Shuugo, Yashiro Taku, Uchida Yuuma

#4 FRAME & Sai (11/20/2015)
Guests: Balletta Yutaka, Yamashita Daiki, Nakada Yuya, Kumagai Kentarou, Hama Kentou, Masumoto Takuya

#5 New Year review, Shinsoku Ikkon & Cafe Parade (01/29/2016)
Guests: Nakajima Yoshiki, Chiba Shouya, Masuyama Takeaki, Fukamachi Toshinari, Karino Shou, Furukawa Makoto, Amasaki Kouhei, Kodama Takuya, Kobayashi Daiki

#6 Altessimo & THE KOGADOU (05/19/2016)

#7 F-LAGS, Mofumofuen & Legenders (08/06/2016)

Downloads include premium content where possible.

ゆくM@SくるM@S 2016 (12/29/2016)

Cast: 下田麻美, たかはし智秋, 津田美波, 原優子, 藤井ゆきよ, 高橋未奈美, 八代拓, 野上翔,
赤羽根健治, 武内駿輔
Staff: 坂上陽三、中川浩二、佐藤貴文、柏谷智浩、JUNGO、斎藤滋、保坂拓也、鳥羽洋典、高橋祐馬(MC)


315プロダクション!新春プロデューサー研修ニコ生! (01/25/2017)

Hosted by Nakamura Shuugo, Takatsuka Tomohito, Enoki Junya, Shirai Yusuke, Shioya Fumiyoshi, Kobayashi Daiki, Masuyama Takeaki.


アニメ化記念!~315の日スペシャル~ 2017 (03/15/2017)

Hosted by Nakamura Shuugo, Uchida Yuuma
Guests: Takatsuka Tomohito, Horie Shun

Download ** Missing last ~3 minutes

理由あって、ニコ生!~SideAnimation~ (04/13/2017)

Hosted by Takatsuka Tomohito, Umehara Yuuichirou, Horie Shun
Guests: Nakajima Yoshiki, Enoki Junya, Itou Kento


ニコニコ超会議 2016

ステージ ~絆をたしかめてみた~
Hosted by Nakamura Shuugo, Yashiro Taku, Uchida Yuuma, Takatsuka Tomohito, Nagatsuka Takuma, Balletta Yutaka


超音楽祭 DAY1 (DRAMATIC STARS & S.E.M performance only)


Screen Shot 01-15-16 at 12.11 PM


Mensore! Nakamura-Ya
Hosted by Nakamura Shuugo.

#1 Mt. Takao
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#2 Nabe
Guest: Yashiro Taku
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#3 Snowbording
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#4 Journey by darts
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#5 ???
Guest: Nakajima Yoshiki
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#6 Chichibu 
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#7 Okinawa?
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#8 Music
Guest: Itou Kento
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#9 Summer
Guest: Kumagai Kentarou
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#10 Farm
Guest: Uchida Yuuma
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#11 Asakusa
Guest: Ishiya Haruki
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

-Halloween Special 2016-
Guest: Kobayashi Daiki

#12 Autumn leaves
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#13.1 Rock climbing

#13.2 Nabe
Guest: Nishiyama Koutarou

#14 New Years karaoke
Guest: Nogami Shou
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#15 Drawing
Missed recording, sorry!

#16 Snowy mountain
Guest: Karino Sho
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#17  Hanami
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2 (missing)

#18 Bicycle / Gambling
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

#19 Showdown / Meal
Guest: Horie Shun
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

20 Island
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

Guest: Matsumoto Takuya
⇒ Download: Part 1 | Part 2

Screen Shot 08-15-17 at 12.50 PM.PNG

カラオケMAX 特番

Karaoke MAX Special Programme (08/11/17)
Hosted by Koyama Tsuyoshi, Nakamura Shuugo, Uchida Yuuma.


Screen Shot 09-02-16 at 12.03 PM


Adachi Yuuto no Nama☆Seiyuu Granprix Boys!!
Hosted by Adachi Yuuto

Guest: Nakamura Shuugo
⇒ Download

Guest: S.E.M (Nakajima Yoshiki, Itou Kento, Enoki Junya)

Guest: Nakamura Shuugo
⇒ Download

Screen Shot 07-06-16 at 11.36 PM


Nekorobi Danshi
Host: Shirai Yusuke, Kousaka Atsushi, Hamano Daiki

Guest: Nakajima Yoshiki
⇒ Download

Guest: Nakamura Shuugo
⇒ Download

Screen Shot 09-02-16 at 12.10 PM

Shounen Maid


Host: Yashiro Taku, Hanae Natsuki, Yamamoto Kazutomi


Guest: Maeno Tomoaki

Guest: Fujiwara Natsumi




Featuring: Ono Kensho, Masuda Toshiki, Shirai Yusuke, Yonaga Tsubasa, KENN, Abe Atsushi, Eguchi Takuya

⇒ Download

Screen Shot 01-15-16 at 12.17 PM

Digimon Adventure Tri


Digimon Adventure Tri. Chapter 1 “Reunion” Tokuban Adventure!

#2: 劇場上映前日ニコ生
Hosted by Mimori Suzuko, Enoki Junya, Ikeda Junya

Hosted by Yoshida Hitomi, Enokiya Junya, Arakawa Miho
⇒ Download

Screen Shot 01-15-16 at 12.23 PM



Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100-nin no Ouji-sama ★ Yume100 Namahousou ~Konya wa Nemurenai~
Hosted by Akabane Kenji, Yamaya Yoshitaka

Guests: Shimono Hiro, Uchida Yuuma

Guests: Hirakawa Daisuke, Majima Junji

Screen Shot 01-15-16 at 12.29 PM


Banpresto Lab ~Oretachi BanPre Senden-tai~
Hosted by Suzumura Kenichi, Osaka Ryouta

Guests: Shirai Yusuke

Screen Shot 01-15-16 at 12.37 PM

Yumeiro Cast

Hosted by Osaka Ryota

Guests: Ono Yuuki

Guests: Toyonaga Toshiyuki

Screen Shot 01-15-16 at 12.38 PM

Shounen Hollywood

少年ハリウッド: クリスマス・イブ ラジオライブ中継inハリウッド東京 「Christmas Eve is you」

Shounen Hollywood: Christmas Eve Radio Live in Hollywood Tokyo “Christmas Eve is You.”
Cast: Osaka Ryouta, Kakihara Tetsuya, Yamashita Daiki, Aoi Shouta, Ono Kensho


Screen Shot 02-01-16 at 11.36 AM


OxT (Ooishi Masayoshi x Tom-H@ack) New Year’s talk & live 2016. Performing your favourite anime openings from Daiya, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Prince of Stride Alternative.


All the recordings are unedited so the beginning of the videos often have a 15-minute-or-so wait screen included.

I’ll update this post as frequently as possible with new recordings. The programs that I’ll always record (given I don’t forget) is anything relating to SideM. If there’s anything you’d like me to record then let me know! The conditions for that is that it must be a free program and you must link the namahousou to me before it actually airs so I can timeshift it.

  1. Hi could you please fix Part 2’s link for Shugo’s program Episode 2 featuring Taku. It’s the exact same link that downloads Part 1 of the same episode.

  2. shien said:

    Hello! Can I ask about new episodes of Nakamura Shuugo’s Menso~re? By any chance, were you able to record the new episode with Kumagai Kentaro? 🙂 And, are you also planning to record the event with Itou Kento and Nakajima Yoshiki? I’m sorry for asking too much questions. Thank you so much for recording and sharing the past episodes. I haven’t finished watching them all yet, but I really enjoyed the episode with Itou Kento 🙂

    • unspark said:

      Hi, yes I do have the latest episodes but I haven’t got round to uploading them yet (I’m behind on watching them myself). I’ll try upload them tonight.

      And unfortunately I’d love to share the event episodes but they’re a paid program. (I was thinking of opening a donation pool but idk how many people would be interested and recordings for paid programs have a slightly different method so I can’t guarantee.) If you can catch tonight’s stream featuring Yoshiki you can watch the first 20 minutes free.

      • shien said:

        Yay thanks! Looking forward to that! 🙂 I wonder, are you getting the episode with Uchida Yuuma, too? 🙂

      • unspark said:

        Uploaded the episodes! And yep, of course! I’m looking forward to it a lot!

  3. shien said:

    Again, thank you very much! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. shien said:

    Hello! I wonder if you have other episodes of Seiyuu Grandprix boys? I’m looking for the episode where Chiba Shouya was guest… Thank you! 🙂

    • unspark said:

      Oh, unfortunately no. I had no idea he was on since I didn’t follow the channel beyond what I uploaded. If I knew he was on I would’ve recorded it 💦

      • shien said:

        Aww too bad. Thanks anyway! ^^;

        Happy new year! 🙂

    • unspark said:

      Yep, updated the post with the link!

    • unspark said:

      Yep, I’ll be recording the 315 day stream! I’m looking forward to it a lot since it’ll have anime info.

      As for Nekorobi Danshi, I’m not sure I’ll be able to record that. I haven’t had much luck recording any eps aside from the one with Yoshiki, so I think they changed some things since then :/ It’s a paid channel but I think you can watch it free in real time, minus a few omake parts.

    • unspark said:

      A bit late, but the 315 Day stream is up. It’s missing the last 3 or so minutes due to some issues, unfortunately.

      aaand I managed to get the Nekorobi Danshi ep with Shuugo so that’s up too!

    • unspark said:

      You have to be a paid subscriber of Animate channel to watch those, unfortunately.

  5. shien said:

    Hello again! Do you have the recent episode of Mensore (ep17)? I guess only the first part has been shown so far…

    Thank you for sharing the past episodes! 🙂

    • unspark said:

      Heya, I’ll upload it at the end of the week, along with the coming SideM stream!

      • shien said:

        Yay, thanks you! 🙂

  6. Hiki said:

    Thank you so much for the Mensore episodes~!

  7. Muramura said:

    Hi! Thank you for uploading all these episodes!

    Will you be uploading the upcoming niconama with Uchida Yuuma and Nakamura Shugo?

    • unspark said:

      Hiya, I updated the post with the nama!

  8. Hi, could you please fix Part 2’s link for Mensore Nakamura-ya program Episode 14 featuring Nogamin. It is the same link as part 1’s.

    Thanks for all these episodes!

    • unspark said:

      Sorry about that! It’s fix now and I uploaded a bunch of new eps!

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