Japan Trip Day 3


Although the trip to Karatsu was over, this was probably the most YOI-intensive day of the trip! Day 3 covers Fukuoka and Hiroshima!



Taking off at about 8.30am, I headed for Suzaki Park. I had won the lottery for the Yuri on Ice x Animate Cafe collab at the Fukuoka Tenjou branch at 10.10am and figured I’d kill the morning wandering the city since I’d be taking off to Hiroshima soon after.

I skipped breakfast but grabbed a peach soda at the konbini and chilled at the park, catching up a bit with Twitter.


Primavera by Esther Wertheimer, in front of Fukuoka Town Hall

The Animate Cafe was located inside Tenjin Vivre mall. I didn’t know how large the place was, nor the location of the cafe other than somewhere on the 6th floor, but I guess I didn’t have to as there was a crowd of girls in front of the mall, waiting for opening time that I just had to follow.




To my surprise, two of the staff were actually cosplaying Victor and Yurio! I wonder if they have a Yuuri on a different day.


There were concept art and genga etc on the walls. Most of them are already floating on the net so I didn’t take pictures of them all.

The genga you couldn’t take photos of. From the table I was sitting, the genga for when Victor winks at Yuuri when he’s fully naked in the onsen was right in front of me, as well as individual ones of Yuuri and Yurio.

There was also a TV playing scenes from the anime and the OST in the background.


I got the Phichit table!!

Interesting enough I shared a table with a middle aged man who was also a solo diner. He just had katsudon and a drink before quickly dashing off. Every other guest was, as you can expect, female.



Yu~topia Katsuki’s Famous Yuuri’s Katsudon with Tsukemono and Miso Soup


Very eros.


Victor’s Legend Russian Tea

This was black tea with a scoop of strawberry jam, plus a bell rose floating on top.

I was told by the girls I met at Caravan yesterday that it was better than it sounds so I decided to go for it ….Not to my taste, unfortunately.


Georgi Popovich’s Carabosse Parfait

Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, berries, grape jelly, and cornflakes were just a few things in the parfait.

It was really, really good! It was my favourite dish and it looks great too. I’m sorry I never took you seriously, Georgi, you make a good parfait.


Please note the crack in the heart.

Loot from the cafe.

I managed to score the special Yuuri for the coaster you get when you order a drink! For each dish you order you get a bookmark and I got one of Yuuri in love and Minami.

For the blind-boxes I got a Victor badge (yay!) and Michele and Emil for the acrylic keyrings. I nabbed another keyring on my way out but it turned out to be Emil again 😦

I also got a clearfile, because if I couldn’t get who I wanted from the blind-boxes then at least they’ll be on the clearfile lol.

The cafe was a really fun experience!

It was short but that was the end of my journey in Fukuoka. Maybe I’ll come back and properly explore the place one day!

I was back on the shinkansen and off to Hiroshima.


I dropped off my bag at the hostel where I was greeted by Maruko the pug.


First stop was to Hiroshima Castle!



The main keep

Inside the main keep was a museum about Hiroshima and the castle’s history. Also a bunch of swords. A lot of swords.

The museum had information in English but only about half of it was translated, which was pretty disappointing. There was stuff about sword making but without translations I could only guess at what was happening.


At the ground and top floor there were stamps so I stamped them on the paper they had lying around for commemorative sake. I pasted the papers in my notebook but somehow didn’t think about stamping it in my notebook directly 🙃


The top observatory floor.


Quite the spectacular view!


There were a lot of people with their dogs out in this area.


After exploring the castle grounds, I moved onto see the Yuri Only Shop.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was in a corner of an arcade, with Animate and other anime stores on upper levels.


It was actually super disappointing. The only merch they had was on the shelf you see behind Yuuri. All the limited edition merch was sold out but you could place a pre-order at the counter. Unfortunately I wasn’t going to be staying long enough for that.

The store did, however, have messages from the seiyuu playing in the background recorded just for the store. I didn’t pay close attention to them because I was too busy being disappointed by the store, but they were along the lines of your generic message of “thank you for coming, enjoy the shop.”





The Only Shop’s limited merch on cabinet display.



On the arcade’s bathroom door

Going to the arcade wasn’t part of my plans but since it was right there I played a few crane games. There wasn’t any prizes I particularly wanted myself but I thought I’d try win some stuff for friends. Unfortunately I completely suck and lost at every attempt.

So with anime stores right above me of course I couldn’t resist. I didn’t have plans for the night and, hey, I needed a break. It was actually relaxing to be basking in nerdiness again.

The Hiroshima Animate turned out to be a RuiP! There was a notebook where Producers could write in so I took the opportunity to write a small message in my dodgy Japanese and drew a Kaeru.

There was no individual Pierre merch in any of the stores (Animate, Lashinbang) I visited, but I found a SideMini Beit tote and Beyond the Dream!


I also grabbed this Yuri on Ice doujin because I’m a sucker for the exhibition outfits. I was planning on doing my nerd shopping in Tokyo so I held back on buying more.


There was still one more stop I needed to make for the night: Sweets Paradise.

Originally my Japan trip plans were to visit the one in Yokohama, but with plans shifting south I decided to cut all Yokohama plans, so with that gone Hiroshima was the logical choice since it had the Only Shop too.

The background music was the Yuri on Ice OST and I think the TV was playing whole anime episodes rather than just short snippets.

I came an hour before closing time and there was only two other customers in the store.


Not Just Any Katsudon: Katsudon Style Omurice

What I came here for.

I really, really wanted to eat this because of the awkward Yuuri face, but clearly I didn’t plan the day well because I ended up eating katsu twice in one day. Still! It was nice and what a gorgeous Yuuri!

The glasses were saved for last 👍


Living Legend

For the drink I had Victor’s Living Legend. It was reeeeeeeeaaaally good! It was peach cider with jelly at the bottom.


Got Guanghong for the coaster.


Bought two acrylic keyrings which both turned out to be Guang Hong… Then the badge was Emil.

I really wanted the secret Victor where he’s excitedly holding two Yuuri keyrings but alas. I saw the keyring in second-hand stores but they were going for around 6k….. I want it but not that badly…..

And that concludes day 3 of my trip!

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  1. That parfait looks seriously good. I especially like the chocolate-looking thing? A butterfly wing?

    In one of your pictures of Hiroshima (the 10th one?), one of the buildings in the background almost looks like it’s floating above the river. Like an alien space ship! 😀 Then I realized it was just a strange looking roof. e.e

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