Japan Trip Day 4


Originally I had planned to go to Miyajima in the morning to see the floating torii gate, but I didn’t manage to cram going to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park yesterday. I was leaving for Tokyo today and unfortunately couldn’t fit both into the schedule. Since I was in Hiroshima it felt appropriate to place the park over the shrine.



Dropped by a konbini for breakfast: tsuna mayo onigiri and royal milk tea.


Children’s peace monument


It was quite exquisite to see not only the volume of cranes in this small space, but that they were used to create images of peace.





The momument points to 8.15, the time the bomb was dropped. Surrounding it are rubble from the Hall.


The hall and museum was just really sombre and depressing. It’s really unsettling when they use childish drawings to depict the gruesome. I don’t really have a lot of say in regards to the park because there isn’t much I can say. I guess one can learn to be appreciative of their quite life without war.



One of the several shopping arcades I passed through.


I thought this little bridge I crossed to get to the center was really charming.


Hopping back on the shinkansen, it was a 5 hour trip from Hiroshima to Tokyo. I don’t actually remember what I did in those 5 hours other than update Twitter for a bit. It was a much needed breather since I was running all over the place; it was only the 4th day but it felt much longer.


Transferred at Shin-Kobe. It was quite a pretty sight out the windows!


I stayed in Ikebukuro for the Tokyo half of my trip.

With the sun setting there wasn’t much I had in mind other than browsing the shops. Little did I know what was to come.

The first stop was Toranoana… And what a place it was.

There was BL everywhere; left, right, and center. I was honestly overwhelmed by it all. There isn’t any notable anime/manga stores back at home and if they do stock BL it’s reserved to a shelf. So for there to be this massive floor of BL? My blood was boiling with excitement. I’m usually too shy to browse the BL sections so I order online (and generally I buy the Japanese releases anyway), so to openly browse in-store, with all these other like-minded customers was something incredible to me.


Itoshi no Nekokke volume 3-5 by Kumota Haruko

I had read the first volume of Itoshi no Nekokke almost five years ago, when it managed to get an English release, and I fell in love. The publisher went defunct after two volumes and so I moved onto buying the Japanese tankoubons, except I only bought the first two volumes and the rest just went down my priority’s list so I never continued reading it. But now! Finally!


Canis: The Speaker by ZAKK

Canis: Dear Hatter turned me into a fan of ZAKK. Although The Speaker seems to be a different tone, ZAKK’s art is so breathtaking and the characters are so full of life, I’m a fan of whatever they do. I’ve been avoiding reading the serialization because I’m not very good with following on-going stories, so I’m excited to finally read it.

I got the Toranoana tokuten which was a clearfile! The volume also came with a paper but I’ve yet to open it so it’s still sealed on the back of the book.


Found the PASH Illustration File with the Yuri on Ice family vacation poster!!


There was another floor just for doujinshi. Victor and Makkachin greets you at the entrance!

If you looked at my Japan buy-list, there isn’t really a lot on it except a notable column for Yuri on Ice doujinshi. So here I was…. Toranoana…. Which had a MASSIVE section just for Yuri on Ice.


When I saw the sign for the Victor-uke section I was burning.

Some of the titles were on my buy-list but a couple were some I just liked the look of so I got it. There was a couple of other books I grabbed for other people, but on the whole I spent 10,000 yen right there purely on doujinshi. There was more I wanted to buy but I figured it would be wiser to come back at a later date after I know for sure I’d have enough money for the rest of my trip.


I stopped by Mister Donut for dinner. Although I wasn’t really hungry (and I hadn’t eaten since morning) I knew I had to eat something because yadda yadda. I was recommended this place by someone so it was time to see what the place was about.

I had a churro and one of those pon de rings I’ve been curious about for quite some time. Not bad at all! I would’ve liked to tried more donut flavours but, again, I didn’t have much of an appetite.

The store itself seems to be a place where people chill and browse their phones. I did the same because the bag of doujinshi and BL was damn heavy.


Itoshi no Nekokke: Otaru-hen by Kumota Haruko

Leaving Mister Donut, I found my way to a Book-Off. It was another treasure trove here, though I only grabbed one book. The BL was crammed in shelves and not in an open space like Toranoana so it was much harder to browse and quite dizzying.

I got the Itoshi no Nekokke prequel for just over 100 yen!

I found an arcade and tried again at a few crane games with no luck. I’m really bad at them it seems.


I went into this arcade not even noticing all the SideM stuff until I exited lol. It’s promo for the Ichiban Cafe, although all the merch is sold out and they don’t have special drinks…… Anyway! It was cool to see SideM being promoted out in the open like this!

And that ends day 4!


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