Japan Trip Day 5


First full day in Tokyo! The plans for the day was to visit Ueno Park and then go to another anime cafe!


The place I was staying at was part cafe and served free breakfast so I made my way down to grab a bite.

I had plans to meet with my friend Shelley, who has been working in Japan, for the morning at Ueno Station. Turns out Ueno is a huge station and I had trouble finding the park exit; the problem was that on the signs labelling where the exits were, the park exit was nowhere on any other them until I managed to somehow make my way closer.

Although the plan was to explore Ueno Park, the weather was actually pretty miserable. It was raining and probably colder than when I was down south.



We visited the main building of Tokyo National Museum first, which housed the Japanese gallery.


Tokyo National Museum mascots: Tohaku-kun and Yurinoki-chan

Somewhat amused that even the museum has a mascot.




This wasn’t a display; it was just a fancy looking wall.



This was one of my favourite pieces. Crab pot.



Hoshi kabuto style helmet




Swords, just like Touken Ra–

And that’s it for images from the main museum building, obvious there’s a lot more items there that I didn’t or couldn’t take photos of. The collection was really fascinating; stuff like million year old cups or cloth aren’t very interesting to me, but these items were decorative and exquisitely beautiful.

We moved onto the Asian gallery.


Replica of standing Sho-kannon Bosatsu


A money tree from 1st-2nd century China.

The Asian gallery was also very interesting. There was a display of Buddhist statues from various Asian regions and it’s fascinating to see the differences in each.

My camera was running low on battery so I didn’t take much photos.

We spent quite long at the museum so we set out to wander the park a bit before we had to part ways.


I was pretty disappointed my trip wasn’t during sakura season but look! Some early blossoms! They were the prettiest things amongst the bare trees and rain.


We found our way to Bentendo, the temple in the middle of Shinobazu Pond.


Apparently the pond looks a lot better when lilies bloom. Hope to come back to see that!


Back of Bentendo


I got a fortune at the temple. Excellent luck, yahoo!

What wasn’t excellent luck was my camera battery going completely flat haha… When I checked it the previous night it was at 2/3 bars so I figured it might hold up for the day, but I guess it might’ve been like 1½ bars. All the remaining photos from the day were taken on my phone.

After seeing Bentendo I headed back to Ikebukuro. I had a hit in the lottery for Princess Cafe, which was having a Yuri on Ice collab, and it was almost time for my allocated timeslot.


Found this cute critter when heading to Ueno Station.

After a bit of a confusion, I managed to meet NaYung at Ikebukuro Station. We were friends on Twitter who were in Tokyo at the same time for different reasons and she agreed to join me in going to the cafe✨

The cafe itself was in a modest looking building on the second floor.


We meet once again.


It was Chris’ birthday coming up so they had a board where you could stick messages!


They had a display of adorable up-coming onsen-themed merch. Unfortunately it would be after I leave…


Vicchan? or Makkachin?



Guang Hong table!


Skate Rink Curry

The curry was actually really nice. It felt really comforting eating it; like something I could be having at home.

The yellow stars were the interesting choice of cheese, while the blue stars were kamaboko. Hilariously enough the food colouring was running off the blue stars and was mixing with the curry…


Ji Guang Hong

Pink grapefruit juice with whipped cream + pink powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

I thought this would be sweet (just look at Guang Hong!) but it wasn’t. I’ve never had grapefruit prior to this so never again, grapefruit juice.


Blind-box gets.

I managed to get Emil at every. single. cafe. What sort of luck is that? Should I switch favourite characters to Emil now?


For every food or drink order you get a coaster.

I managed to get Yuuri and Minami!


NaYung later swapped her Victor coaster for my Minami, so now I have matching VicYuu coasters ·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. Thank you!!!

The cafe was a fun experience. Although the drink wasn’t very good, it would probably still place above Sweets Paradise in terms of atmosphere. The interior of the place was very princess-like!

What was most hilarious was the TV playing purely Yuri on Ice ads; there isn’t a ton of ads so it just ends up on repeat. Unlike the other cafes, they didn’t mute the TV and have the OST playing in the background, so the sound from the ads were the background music – most strikingly was the PV where Yurio screams バカアアアアァ at Yuuri playing every couple of minutes.

After the cafe we headed for Animate and along the way it started snowing! I, who has never experienced a real snowfall, was experiencing my first snow in Tokyo! Who would’ve thought!

Another surprise was SideM on the Animate elevators!

I didn’t think to check if I got all the units and unfortunately I didn’t find time to go back, so I ended up missing Beit and Legenders. I heard Beit might’ve been on the inside of one of them so no wonder I missed them – I went up the elevator (no Beit) to the 7th floor and walked down the stairs from there.

I considered grabbing some BL at Animate but remembering yesterday I had to hold back so I left empty-handed.

We then made our way to Sunshine City to browse shops. We were kinda interested in going to Namja Town and J-World but purely just to look around, not actually play or eat anything, so we ended up skipping.

There was a Pokemon Center in the building so of course I had to look.




There was a hilarious amount of people taking plushies off the shelf and taking selfies. I guess that’s what you do in these kind of places?


We randomly ended up on Otome Road! We browsed a couple of shops before parting ways.

I attempted to track down The Chara shop that was featuring Yuri on Ice. I had it written down as in PARCO, but apparently it’s in P’PARCO, a smaller building a short distance away from the main PARCO… I found it eventually!


I wasn’t very big on the illustrations used for the limited merch but I wanted to browse the place anyway. All the other merch was just the usual. Didn’t grab anything but it was nice seeing these big cut-outs.

5_09_dinner Another day without much of an appetite, I grabbed something at the konbini for dinner.

I also printed off the 2nd Live liveviewing tickets! The trip has been so full of YOI but finally, the original reason for my trip was approaching. Before 2nd Live, however, was Disney Sea tomorrow!


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  1. I bet that lily pond is gorgeous in full bloom. I got so curious about it that I actually Googled Japanese lily ponds but instead I got that painting by Monet. ;_; And just googling “lily ponds” is… Well, since the lilies looked like they were standing up rather high in your picture, it has me curious.

    My mother drinks grapefruit juice, because she thinks it will make her healthy and more resistant to colds. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but yeah… Unless it has a ton of sugar, grapefruit juice is not nice.

    The Japanese art at the beginning are gorgeous. Thank you so much for taking these photos and sharing them with us! I’ve never been to Japan, so this is very much appreciated. 🙂

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