Japan Trip Day 6: Disney Sea!


Not much to say; it’s Disney.


I walked from Maihama Station to DisneySea because there was no way I was going to pay for the ~special~ Disney train when it was just a 15 minute walk and the park ticket was pricey enough.



New Zealand spotted!








Entered America Waterfront

Seeing a Broadway musical was not what I expected to do at Disney Sea but I did. Actually, there was a growing line in front of the theatre and I lined up without knowing what it was for w But the show was really good! The cast seemed to be foreigners and it was all in English so it was more enjoyable than if I could only understand half of it.


Turkey pastrami panini & chicken and vegetable soup

Overly expensive food from the New York Deli 🙄

I was actually hungry for once and I explicitly remember I was really craving meat lol…. It wasn’t the greatest but it felt so good to be eating western food again…




Visited New York for a while for another show. Although it was blue skies in the morning, the weather had changed drastically by mid-day. The show itself had to be adjusted for weather conditions.


Mickey spotted!


After the show I made my way towards the Lost River Delta.


It was there that it began snowing! Well, it was exciting for a minute before it got irritating because that’s not the kind of weather you want while you’re at an outdoor theme park… I moved onto the Mermaid Lagoon since it had an indoor area.

Mermaid Lagoon was definitely my favourite area aesthetically, I wish more of the place was like this. I’m pretty disappointed the shops didn’t have any decent The Little Mermaid goods since it’s the only series I wanted to buy things of.





Arabian Coast next.

I stayed until dark for the evening show but that got heavily modified due to the weather.



DisneySea was a fun experience but I don’t think I’d jump to visit another Disneyland so soon, at least not by myself. When I was making changes to my plans I considered throwing DisneySea away to make way for other stuff but I also wouldn’t have a chance to visit a Disneyland any time in the near future too. A few people convinced me that it would be fun going by myself since I could do what I want and get a shortcut to rides by being solo, and, well, it was fun but it definitely feels like it would’ve been more if I had someone with me. That’s really just my personality, though; I could enjoy travelling by myself but going to a theme park was something I’d prefer company with.

6_1_dinner At the end of the day I dropped by MOS Burger for dinner. I was really craving that filthy western food… The fries were bad but the burger tasted great.

Tomorrow would finally be the first day of SideM’s 2nd Live! I spent the night debating whether to catch the first train for buppan and well… you’ll see in the next entry.

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