Japan Trip Day 8: Brilliant Side


I took a bit of a break writing about my trip but I’m back to finish it up! Shibuya! The second day of SideM’s 2nd Live!

After skipping the first train for buppan yesterday, this is the part of the trip where I ultimately get lazy and more plans get thrown out the window. Originally I had planned to go to MIRACLE FESTIV@L, a SideM doujin event held at Tokyo Big Site, but I took my sweet time in the morning and wouldn’t be able to make it back in time to meet my friend if I went.

Still, I had some time to spare so I hit Otome Road and !!!!


I found some Pierre goods at Lashinbang!!

I had visited several anime shops prior but it seemed so hard to find Pierre-specific goods. I would’ve preferred the badges were keyrings but I couldn’t be picky.

After a successful shopping  trip I headed to Yoyogi to meet my friend. The plan for the day was to visit the Shibuya district as I was liveviewing there later in the night.


Ramen for lunch!

We headed off for Meiji shrine after we were done.


There was, uh, another tourist in Fairy Tail cosplay.





This one ema caught my attention because… lol. I hope the RNG gods are kind to them.


Harajuku station. Apparently it’s going to be torn down because it’s too small so here’s a snap for commemorative sake.


We had a bite at the Cookie Time cookie bar.

Cookie Time is a New Zealand brand and the Harajuku store is the only international store. It was… intriguing to see a thing that’s such an everyday brand in a different country where it was branded as hip. I always thought the mascot was pretty ugly but I guess it might have some appeal in Japan where even ugly mascots have their charm.

The cookies we had actually tasted better than back home, likely because they were warm and fresh.


Cruised down the infamous Takeshita Dori. Walking through the crowd wasn’t actually as bad as it looks.

There was quite a few of what I’m guessing were Nigerian scammers or whatever trying to convince tourists to whatever they were selling.

We browsed a few shops on Omotesando but not a lot, haha…. the brand stores were intimidating ;;;;;;

A conspicuous place called “Kiddy Land” was filled with soooooo much cute things. If I had unlimited cash I would buy the whole store.

We then backtracked a bit to reach Yoyogi Park.


It was a massive spacious park with people doing whatever they wanted. At just the entrance there were a group of biker-looking dudes dancing, which apparently is a weekly thing for them. I saw mimes, painters, people shooting a film, balloon art, magic tricks; the list goes on. I also spotted some dude in a Pikachu suit wandering around a few times.

The park looked kinda dreary with all the naked trees but luckily there were some blossoms to lightening up the place.


There was an ominous amount of crows around.

View of Shibuya crossing from a Starbucks w



It was nearing time for the second day of 2nd Live so I parted with my friend to look for the cinema.



My seat for the Shibuya cinema was really bad. It was the second row from the front which was waaay too close to be comfortable. On the plus side, the cinema’s crowd was a lot more lively than the Shinjuku one – the Shinjuku crowd wasn’t bad but Shibuya’s was really into it.

All the 1st Live members, Beit, S.E.M, and W, had new outfits.

Brilliant Side set list

  1. Beyond The Dream / All members
  2. スマイル・エンゲージ / Beit
  3. Café Parade / Café Parade
  4. うぇるかむ・はぴきらパーク! / Mofumofuen
  7. 強く尊き獣たち / THE KOGADOU
  8. ∞ Possibilities / S.E.M
  9. 約束はドリーミングフライト / Yashiro Taku (Kashiwagi Tsubasa)
  10. フェイバリットに踊らせて / Kobayashi Daiki (Mizushima Saki)
  11. Piece Montee / Amasaki Kouhei (Shinonome Soichiro)
  12. 我が混沌のサバト・マリアージュ / Furukawa Makoto (Asselin BB II)
  13. GOLD ~NO.79~ / Nakajima Yoshiki (Yamashita Jiro)
  14. Flying Hawk / Umehara Yuichiro (Takajo Kyoji)
  15. カレイド TOURHYTHM / W & Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Mitarai Shouta)
  16. エウレカダイアリー / Beit & S.E.M
  17. もっふ・いんざぼっくす / Mofumofuen
  18. Study Equal Magic! / S.E.M
  19. À La Carte FREEDOM♪/ Café Parade
  20. Pleasure Forever / W
  21. Fun! Fun! Festa! / Beit
  22. サ・ヨ・ナ・ラ Summer Holiday / S.E.M
  24. 情熱…FIGHTER / THE虎牙道
  25. 思いはETERNITY / Beit
  28. DRIVE A LIVE / All members
  29. 【Encore】 Beyond The Dream / All members

After the opening Beyond the Dream and introductions were done there was , I had guessed DRAMATIC STARS would be the first unit, similar to the previous day, but NOPE. It was BEIT with “Smile Engage!” The crowd lit up for TakaP’s ‘願いを込めて花を咲かせよう’ and similar to 1st he thanked the crowd for the wonderful flowers. Also like 1st, Ume-chan gave a fiery greeting of ‘MAKUHARIIIII’. Horieru, on the other hand, had a Kaeru plush with him!! He had it in his hand the whole song, it was so cute ;___; Later in a talk section he showed that the plush even had an original cape for the occasion.
“思いはETERNITY” was made more powerful with the screen showing images of the in-game manga; the notable ones for me were images from Pierre’s introduction manga where he hopes one day to return to his home country where everyone is smiling ;;

Ume-chan performed Kyoji’s “Flying Hawk” and honestly I don’t remember a lot of it aside from the KyojiP next to me, who was going hard all concert, froze and started crying.

And speaking of crying… TakaP cried again during the end comments TT What happened was Ume-chan was giving his comment and then he called TakaP and Horieru “TakaP and Shun” — this was a reference to the After Meeting section of 1st BD where they discussed how to address each other. It seems they couldn’t get used to calling each other that, so when Ume-chan used those names it caught TakaP completely off guard. TakaP was like, ‘Eh? You’re using that now? I can’t believe you’d do something like that at such a time,’ and he couldn’t hold back tears………

Café Parade
Cafe Parade’s group songs were a lot of fun but their solos totally took the spotlight. Hilariously (and thankfully) it was Cafe Parade solo after Cafe Parade solo so there was no need to change lights.

Kobapyon’s performance of Saki’s “フェイバリットに踊らせて” was hands down the best of the night. The choreography was honestly perfect beyond words; Enokiya and Totto acted as suitors and tried to win over Kobapyon; flowers and kabedon were just a few thing they tried.
Furukawa’s “我が混沌のサバト・マリアージュ” was also a spectacle to behold. He came out with a cape and Satan on his shoulder, whom he later called the sixth member of Cafe Parade. TakaP and Yano were backup dancers also in capes – they had their faces obscured by the cape so when we got a clear shot of who was beneath there I flipped out.
Like the previous day it was amusing to see everyone bracing themselves to change lights for knows who will be next, but actually we got three Cafe Parade solos in a row.

All the ORIGIN@L PIECES outfits have been replicated fairly close to the illustrated design, from what I could tell, but the most notable difference was that Kobapyon wasn’t in a dress like Saki’s.

In the end comments, one of the members, I think it was Furukawa, called Cafe Parade ‘family,’ but it wasn’t just limited to unit members; all of 315 Pro and Producers made it such a welcoming atmosphere.

Ah, Mofumofuen. What can I honestly say? Grown men prancing around playfully in animal-themed outfits, you watch the voices coming out of their mouths but it all feels surreal. Mofumofuen were so very, very cute. Parts of their choreo had them playing hide-and-seek, hop scotch and the like.

In “うぇるかむ・はぴきらパーク!” they made sure everyone got into the animal calls. Fuu-kun asked the audience what Shiro was and the audience shouted back “#1” or something to that effect.

It was Kanon’s birthday a few days before the live and Ayumu had wondered what he could do for Kanon, so he had a request for everyone; he wanted everyone to wish Kanon a biiiig happy birthday. Thank you, Ayumu!! ;w;

Fuu-kun was a mess at the end comments, he couldn’t hold back tears ;w; You can tell he’s really grateful to be a part of the franchise; he was a HayatoP before he got casted and wanted to see 1st Live in person, he said he loves the cast, the characters, the content in the series. I’m really glad he got this role that seems to mean so much to him ;-;

W & Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
W aren’t exactly my favourite character-wise or musically, but they pack a lot of energy into their performances which is great. They had new outfits for 2nd Live but it’s still as questionable as their previous outfits w

For “PLEASURE FOREVER” the two were on carts that travelled round the venue. In 1st Live the two had some difficulties with the choreo but this time they didn’t have to dance! –Yet somehow still messed up. One of them forgot the lyrics which caused the other to momentarily blank.

Matsuoka joined W to perform the 2nd anniversary song “カレイド TOURHYTHM.” It was really noticeable how different the song was when lacking the other two members; W’s voices are nasally and Matsuoka’s Shouta voice fits in a similar vein.

In the encore Beyond the Dream, they successfully did the sit-back-to-back move in Pleasure Forever to possibly make up for the mistakes earlier (lol). In the end comments Yamaya spoke about how they messed up at 1st so they wanted to take revenge at 2nd, however.. they couldn’t get a perfect performance here either lol. He started fake crying and used a red card to wipe away his tears w. Kikuti gave his comments next and was close to (actual) tears and Yamaya offered him his red card to use.

Matsuoka performed a total of 4 times – the two “Beyond the Dreams”, “DRIVE A LIVE”, and “カレイド TOURHYTHM.” He really was just a guest rather than a main performer. He said in the end comments how he was worried what he was going to do when he learnt the other two guys weren’t going to be with him, but he’s really glad he was able perform. He gave some much missed ‘ciaos’ in Kanbara’s place

The guys performed yesterday but I was still excited as fuck to see them again. I was just as hyped for “MOON NIGHTのせいにして” as I was the previous day. The one thing that was (fire emoji x 3) different from the previous day was Yuuma had glasses, which he threw off mid-song.

Taku, who didn’t perform in the solo section the first day, had his time to shine today. Taku has such a bright smile when he sings and with “約束はドリーミングフライト” he was beaming. His sweet and gentle voice along with his world-peace bringing smile truly melts the heart. The song had some cute choreo with Horieru doing plane manoeuvres with his arms.

To be honest, my personal highlight of KOGADOU was not a performance but in the talk section after the solo section – Komatsu and Junta had performed as a backup dancer for Ume-chan’s “Flying Hawk” and Komatsu commented in Ren-style that how dare The Great Him be reduced to someone’s lackey. Junta channeling Takeru told him he should be honoured and the two pitted foreheads against one another. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure I could see the (fire emoji x 3) burning sexual tension with my own eyes. The two were calmed down by Hamanon.


I think this tweet sums it up?

S.E.M were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I think everyone was pretty much waiting for them and they delivered and more.

Totto is such a great actor, managing to keep a straight-face the whole time. He wore glasses too! Bless his soul.

The choreo for “∞ Possibilities” previously had them shooting metaphorical guns with their hands, but this time they had actual guns! It was great to see the performance take on a similar but different form. For “Study Equal Magic!” there was also some noticeable changes; the background antics got switched up a bit, including one of the guys giving the other a piggyback. But possibly the most amazing thing was their entrance — Mofumofuen performed “もっふ・いんざぼっくす” before them and a large box was placed on set. School bells rang at the end of the song, causing the Mofus to panic, and the box opened up to \\S.E.M in the box//. I think everyone is wondering whether they were inside of that box the whole time or not haha.

Yoshiki performed Jiro’s solo song “GOLD ~NO.79~” and it was certainly something. Hamanon and Shopan were backup dancers to Yoshiki in a  white, feathered boa. There was a lot of sexy moves happening in those few minutes.

Refer to the above tweet for review of “サ・ヨ・ナ・ラ Summer Holiday.” After Summer Holiday came DRAMATIC STARS’ “MOON NIGHTのせいにして” and the back-to-back combo of the two was such a deadly combo.

At the end of the show they did the “IMASですよ” call that was missing the first day. It felt good to finally be able to shout it!

aaaand of course, the announcement for the night. Who could’ve expected it?! They announced a new game the previous day so what could possibly top that?

When GamiP introduced the PV I wasn’t expecting much and with the whole crowd doing calls to DRIVE A LIVE it felt like people were thinking it was just another normal announcement. BOOOOOOOOOY, was I wrong. You can see the exact moment the crowd lost it. When new art flashed up on the screen my first thought was ‘an anime? that can’t possibly be it’ and I couldn’t believe it until I saw the words アニメ化. There was so much screaming happening and .
An anime was one of the things I ruled out of the possible announcements because SideM seemed to do things at its own pace, it seemed a bit too early at this point. Well, seemed like Scamco had its own plans. I really can’t wait to see animated Pierre☆

At the end of the day I travelled back to my hostel, grabbed a yakisoba pan and pudding for dinner and lied in bed for several hours, still buzzing over the night’s excitement.

It was a bit nuts for me to go to Japan to liveview a concert but honestly, I couldn’t be more glad I did.


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