Ookami wa Hana no Kaori volume 2 (狼は花の馨り) by Riyuma Kana

Published by Daria Comics, 2016.
Two volumes, on-going.

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Its been a year since the first volume was released! It doesn’t feel all too long ago that I fell in love with the series. I ended up devouring the volume all too fast and now it’s back to the waiting game.

The second volume of Ookami wa Hana no Kaori brings drama, pain, happiness, and more pain. It’s a series that, underneath Aruta’s innocence and happiness, is a turbulent story filled with deep sadness; a story about two people of different status who are equally powerless against long-standing traditions.

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Canis by ZAKK.

Published by EDGE COMIX.
Three volumes, on-going.

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In the past few years there’s been far and few BL that have really, really impressed me. I’ve read a lot of BL and even if a lot of the plots get recycled, I still love the genre. Still, it feels like most of my favourites are ones from long ago and nothing of late has reached that same level for me. There’s been stuff this year I enjoyeda lot – but they weren’t on the same level that I would rank into my favourites. Thus comes the Canis series by ZAKK.

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Ookami wa Hana no Kaori volume 1 (狼は花の馨り) by Riyuma Kana

Published by Daria Comics, 2015.
One volume, on-going.

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Now and then there‘s a manga that you see and you have a burning desire to read no matter what; Ookami wa Hana no Kaori is that manga for me. It’s a spin-off of the mangaka’s earlier work, Ookami wa Koi ni Naku, which I haven’t actually read. I discovered the book through a collaboration with Saibai Shounen, the app about growing ikemen mandrakes (lol), and it peaked my interest so much I bought the manga – I didn’t care that it was only available in Japanese and my Japanese was poor, I had to read it.

The story begins with Iru, a young man in the military, discovering a malnourished and scar-covered boy from the “White Deer” clan in a cave. Not knowing speech, Iru gives the boy the name “Aruta,” (using the kanji for gold colour) for his striking gold eyes. Iru takes Aruta back to the capital in hopes that he will be happy in the royal palace; it has been a long tradition that those in the White Deer clan marry a royal of the “Wolves” clan. Aruta has grown far too attached to Iru by this point, however, and thus turmoil looms between these two people of different social statuses.

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はじめての人のためのBLガイド – A Beginners Guide to BL, is an upcoming guide for those looking to start the path of the rotten, but also enjoyable for those already well on the path.

Cover – Takarai Rihito

Colour Illustrations – Monchi Kaori, Kusama Sakae, Harada, Shimura Takako, Hideyoshico

Manga – “Tsunagari” by SHOOWA (4 pages)

Interview – Takarai Rihito, Shimura Takako, Monchi Kaori, SHOOWA, Kusama Sakae, Harada, Hideyoshico

Features glossary of BL terms, recommendations, a history of BL, and more.

The book is 128 pages and released August 20, 2015.

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Screen Shot 05-06-15 at 07.56 PMThe Night Beyond the Tricornered Window (Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru, さんかく窓の外側は夜) by Yamashita Tomoko.

Released by SuBLime, 2015.
Two volumes, ongoing.

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Shy bookstore clerk Kosuke Mikado has the ability to see ghosts and spirits, an ability he wishes he didn’t have, since what he sees usually terrifies him. Rihito Hiyakawa, an exorcist whose supernatural powers are as strong as his social graces are weak, doesn’t seem to fear anything, mortal or otherwise. When this odd couple gets together to solve the bizarre cases that come their way, their work methods may not be entirely safe for work!

Its been a while since I’ve picked up a BL manga licensed in English; I’ve been more picky about my choices in buying manga since I needed to cut back on spending, but it’s also because there have been little to none BL coming out that interested me. But when The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window was announced to be licensed, I was bouncing off the walls – there was no questions about whether or not I’ll buy it. More Yamashita Tomoko in English was a very good thing. My excitement was dampened some weeks later to find the release was digital only, but just slightly.

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The protagonist is an unnamed seventeen year old boy who transfers back to the city after a seven year absence, and enrolls in a prestigious all boys school which takes pride in being the best among its prefecture. Changes are going to be made in his life, surrounded by faces both new and old.

Announced on April Fools but most certainly is no longer a joke; Gakuen Handsome is getting an anime!

The parody BL game released in 2010 for PC has been ported to Android and iOS and has various spin-off games. Unfortunately, those games never got an English release, but now we can enjoy those chins in its animated glory.

Titled “Gakuen Handsome: The Animation,” the anime will be released August 28 on DVD for ¥2,980. Animation will be handed by Team YokkyuuFuman (the original creators), with direction by Tohoku Penet, the company behind Gakuen Handsome.

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harada yatamomo2

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The website and cast for the drama CD adaptation of Harada’s Yatamomo is up! The drama CD was announced way back in November last year and now we’re finally getting the details now.

Yatamomo is the story of how Yata picks up a stray called Momo. Stopping at a public restroom during a night run, he walks in on Momo cleaning himself up after a sexual encounter. Momo then makes the offer to service Yata for some money…… only to be dragged into a long lecture about how you should have sex with strangers. Despite the worst possible first meeting, the two opposites end up tangled with each other. While Momo is used to offering his body up for cash, Yata’s sexual appetite is a bit too big for him, and despite Momo’s cheerful demeanour there’s a dark past that lurks behind that smile.
The listing on the Marine Entertainment shop describes it as “ero-comedy, with a dash of sorrow that’ll stab you in the chest,” and I think that sums it up nicely lol.

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