“Clothes make a character, but an entire wardrobe enhances him!” [original post]

One of the things I greatly appreciate is when shows take the effort to actually design characters a closet -clothes outside the default school/work uniform and casual wear. All too often do we see characters in a single outfit, regardless of whether it’s practical or not. Take The Simpsons for example; right away the characters in their iconic clothes come to mind: Lisa’s red dress, Marge’s green dress etc. The clothes are essentially a part of the character.

Tsuritama‘s Haru is a great example of how a set of clothes can greatly set apart and enhance a character. On his first day of entering a new school, his self introduction started with the exclamation “I’m an alien!” With the additional colourful differences in his uniform, we can easy see there is something special about him. In each episode, he wears a different outfit; they’re quirky, ridiculous and childish designs but they all reflect Haru’s inner character. Just through his clothes we can get a good idea of Haru’s character, but, unlike characters from The Simpsons, there is no set outfit we associate with him, rather we associate him with a style. I think that’s what makes him such a well designed character; we don’t recognise him by his clothes –his personality is memorable and his style of clothes just accentuates this, rather being “becoming him.”