sidem_gbIn completely unexpected news, SideM is currently having a collaboration with Granblue Fantasy. While iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls has collaborated with Granblue Fantasy previously, SideM’s only connection to Granblue is being hosted on Mobage, while Cinderella Girls is developed by the same devs as Granblue. It’s a surprising but welcome collab!

The collaboration period runs from October 7 to October 19. Simultaneous events are running in both games relating to one another. More info on both events until the cut!

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Saibai Shounen

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I somehow got caught up playing Saibai Shounen (栽培少年), a game about, well, growing guys. They’re mandrakes, to be specific, but yeah, you’re planting and growing guys! I found out about the game through Kinako, an illustrator who worked on series such as on Gatchaman Crowds and Touken Ranbu, who was drawing new characters for the game.

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