Life-size topiary bust of Gundam, stands 7 meters (about 23 feet) tall next to the full-size Gundam statue on Odaiba island.

I’ve never finished a Gundam series nor have much enthusiasm about giant robots, but damn if these life-size models aren’t amazing. The use of flowers is particularly striking when compared to what should be cold metal.


Kumamon is a character born out of Kumamoto Prefecture office’s shinkansen (high-speed train) line opening in March of 2011. Kumamon won the award for most popular mascot in Japan’s National Yuru-chara Summit 2011, with over 40,000 votes more than the second place contestant.

If you don’t know Kumamon then you are missing out in life!!!!! From his beautiful smile to his rosy cheeks, his fabulous curves and his perfectly shaped eyebrows; Kumamon is the cutest mascot ever!!! _(:3 」∠)_

Look at him being kawaii cooking:


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