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はじめての人のためのBLガイド – A Beginners Guide to BL, is an upcoming guide for those looking to start the path of the rotten, but also enjoyable for those already well on the path.

Cover – Takarai Rihito

Colour Illustrations – Monchi Kaori, Kusama Sakae, Harada, Shimura Takako, Hideyoshico

Manga – “Tsunagari” by SHOOWA (4 pages)

Interview – Takarai Rihito, Shimura Takako, Monchi Kaori, SHOOWA, Kusama Sakae, Harada, Hideyoshico

Features glossary of BL terms, recommendations, a history of BL, and more.

The book is 128 pages and released August 20, 2015.

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Lantis SideM Homepage

It’s exciting times in the SideM fandom. On Saturday via a Nico stream, seiyuu and the next batch of CDs were announced for two of the biggest units in the game, Beit and HighxJoker!

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The protagonist is an unnamed seventeen year old boy who transfers back to the city after a seven year absence, and enrolls in a prestigious all boys school which takes pride in being the best among its prefecture. Changes are going to be made in his life, surrounded by faces both new and old.

Announced on April Fools but most certainly is no longer a joke; Gakuen Handsome is getting an anime!

The parody BL game released in 2010 for PC has been ported to Android and iOS and has various spin-off games. Unfortunately, those games never got an English release, but now we can enjoy those chins in its animated glory.

Titled “Gakuen Handsome: The Animation,” the anime will be released August 28 on DVD for ¥2,980. Animation will be handed by Team YokkyuuFuman (the original creators), with direction by Tohoku Penet, the company behind Gakuen Handsome.

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The website and cast for the drama CD adaptation of Harada’s Yatamomo is up! The drama CD was announced way back in November last year and now we’re finally getting the details now.

Yatamomo is the story of how Yata picks up a stray called Momo. Stopping at a public restroom during a night run, he walks in on Momo cleaning himself up after a sexual encounter. Momo then makes the offer to service Yata for some money…… only to be dragged into a long lecture about how you should have sex with strangers. Despite the worst possible first meeting, the two opposites end up tangled with each other. While Momo is used to offering his body up for cash, Yata’s sexual appetite is a bit too big for him, and despite Momo’s cheerful demeanour there’s a dark past that lurks behind that smile.
The listing on the Marine Entertainment shop describes it as “ero-comedy, with a dash of sorrow that’ll stab you in the chest,” and I think that sums it up nicely lol.

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One early Monday morning, Shino Yuzuru runs into Seryou Touji and asks, “will you go out with me?” Seryou, who’s extremely popular at school, has the odd habit of going out with anyone who asks him out first at the beginning of the week, then promptly dumps them by the end of the week. Shino, obviously, has no intention of being in a serious relationship with anyone, including Seryou. And it’s not like it’s actually love or anything… or is it?

It was announced earlier this month that Seven Days, the manga by Takarai Rihito and Tachibana Venio, will get an adaptation in the form of two live action films! In similar fashion to the manga, the films will be split between weekdays, with the first film covering the first volume, MONDAY → THURSDAY, and the second film FRIDAY → SUNDAY.

Update 7/6/2015: Second film’s trailer released!

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