Sanrio Danshi has quickly become one of my favourite things to come out this year. The combination of cute Sanrio characters with anime boys hits my very moe point.

Sanrio recently released a relationship chart so here’s a quick edit I did while waiting for Christmas dinner to cook lol.




In 2014, Kenshi Yonezu’s album YANKEE came out with a limited edition that came with an art book which included a short 15 page manga titled Metronome. In the first few days of receiving the album, I gave a shot at translating the manga so I could better understand it; my Japanese was shabby and had a billion more holes than it currently has. A year later I came across the translation doc as I was going through my drive, I figured I’d post it up since a quick search for a translation doesn’t come up with anything.

Be warned that it’s of questionable quality since I haven’t edited since I originally translated it.

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